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A touch of nature’s luxury, Loro rugs gracefully blend unrivalled warmth and comfort with sophisticated allure. Loro collection of rugs, meticulously hand-knotted from the finest Alpaca Wool, is interwoven with a delicate touch of Bamboo fibres, creating an enduring rug with a subtle shimmer. The Loro rug is handknotted from finest Alpaca Wool, mixed with a little touch of bamboo fibres, which together give a durable rug with a light shine.

Alpaca wool is a natural animal fibre that is fully biodegradablesoft, strong and warm. Alpaca fibres are considered extremely water resistant, while staying highly breathable. They have a higher tensile strength, meaning they can stand up to more pressure or tension before breaking. Bamboo fibres are made of bamboo pulp and have strong durability, stability and tenacity. The production of Bamboo is sustainable as it thrives without any pesticides and also it is biodegradable and thus a very eco-friendly material.

Underlay carpet is recommended.
Suitable for domestic use.

Alpaca Wool / Bamboo

Available Sizes
170 x 240 cm
200 x 300 cm
250 x 350 cm

Custom Sizes

Wall-to-wall carpets

Production method: Handknotted
Pile height: 9-11 mm
Weight: 5.00 kg/m2
Size variation : +/-3%
Flame retardant treatment: Possible to treat with FLOVAN CGN-01
Protection: Scotchgard treatment and moth proofing possible
Warranty: 2 years

Loro Sale priceDhs. 19,596.00