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Sale priceDhs. 92,363.00

Enhance your living space with the unique design and cutting-edge technology of the G-Table by Zieta. Artfully crafted using innovative FiDU technology, this table is a perfect blend of style, stability, and durability. Built with a high-quality steel material, Zieta's G-Table ensures longevity and is resistant to scratches and other potential damage. The G-Table's design is characterized by its minimalistic and seamless form, adding a modern touch to any room. Its smooth finish coupled with an ultra-modern aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for those seeking contemporary furnishings with a clean, stylish look. Customize your G-Table with Zieta’s variety of colour and finish options, allowing it to be intricately tailored to your decor requirements. Zieta, a renowned brand known for its infusion of art, design, and technology, delivers unparalleled craftsmanship in every product. The G-Table is no exception – it’s not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that adds character to your home or office. This G-Table from Zieta is more than just functional, it's a manifestation of innovation, modern design and exemplary craftsmanship. The unique FiDU technology used gives this table its distinctive shape and incredible durability making it a true icon in the realm of contemporary furniture. Buy the G-Table from Zieta, and elevate your interiors with a piece that is avant-garde, robust, and designed to make a statement. Experience the harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics with the Zieta G-Table today. It’s not just an investment in furniture, but a statement in impeccable taste and forward-thinking design.
G-Table Sale priceDhs. 92,363.00