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Easter Witch Vase

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This ceramic vase is one of two inspired by a Finnish rite of spring. In April, Finnish children welcome the end of winter by dressing up as witches and decorating willow twigs with feathers and small embellishments. Going door to door, the little witches expect small treats in return for their blessing. To wish their neighbours a healthy year, they say “Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks; vitsa sulle, palkka mulle.” Or, “I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a treat for me!” This witch is accompanied by a canine familiar, the Easter Dog Vase. The Easter Witch Vase belongs to a family of seven handmade ceramic objects created by COMPANY for Artek’s FIN/JPN Friendship Collection.