Vitra - Eames Wool Blanket, light blue - ONE 52 Furniture
Vitra - Eames Wool Blanket, light blue - ONE 52 Furniture

Eames Wool Blanket, light blue

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The 'Dot Pattern' featured on the Eames Wool Blanket was created in 1947 in conjunction with an exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art. The large/scale composition of crossed lines and dots is reminiscent of the abstract paintings by Ray Eames from the 1930s.

Material: 100% Merino lambswool, produced in a jacquard weave.

Characteristics: Merino lambswool is a high-quality natural fiber obtained from the first shearing of Merino lambs. It is extremely light, fine, and soft to the touch while also providing optimal warmth and thermal balance.

Quality: working with premium natural fibers requires considerable technical know-how and manual skills. For this reason, Vitra blankets are made by a German blanket manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in fabricating products from natural fibers. Their expert hand craftsmanship ensures the high-quality execution of the designs.