Vitra - Arad Well Tempered Chair Miniature - ONE 52 Furniture
Vitra - Arad Well Tempered Chair Miniature - ONE 52 Furniture

Arad Well Tempered Chair Miniature

  • Vendor: Vitra
  • Product Type: Complements
  • Barcode: 4055737012280
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The MiniaturesCollection encapsulates the entire history of industrial furniture design – moving from Historicism and Art Nouveau to the Bauhaus and New Objectivity, from Radical Design and Postmodernism all the way up to the present day. Exactly one-sixth the size of the historical originals, the chairs are all true to scale and precisely recreate the smallest details of construction, material, and color. The high standard of authenticity even extends to the natural grain of the wood, the reproduction of screws, and the elaborate handicraft techniques involved. This has made the miniatures into popular collector‘s items as well as ideal illustrative material for universities, design schools
and architects.

  • Scale:  1:6, 145 x 128 x 155 mm
  • Materials:  Temper-rolled stainless steel