Vitra - Tyde Workstations - ONE 52 Furniture
Vitra - Tyde Workstations - ONE 52 Furniture

Tyde Workstations

  • Vendor: Vitra
  • Product Type: Tables
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  • SKU: 85307901
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Standard Tyde tables consist of T-legs with height-adjustable columns, frame elements, table tops in a variety of surface materials, and a fleece cable tray to conceal the technical equipment and dampen the sound of the motorised height-adjustment mechanism. Thanks to the solid steel frame and die-cast feet, the tables are extraordinarily sturdy even without a cross brace.

  • Table top:  MDF; in soft light powder-coated (textured), basic dark powder-coated (textured), chocolate powder-coated, deep black powder-coated (textured)
  • Base:  powder coated (smooth); deep black powder coated.