Vertical Tall Dresser

Designed by:

Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer
AED 7,100
Color: steel blue

Give your room a character, a personal note.

Designed by Swiss architect Fritz Haller and Paul Schaerer in 1963, the USM Tall Dresser combines traditional and modern looks to fit a contemporary style. With three large size drawers, you can now stay organized and keep your favorite outfits, socks, tank tops, and so on stowed away safely. Built to last, the dresser is a work of artisanal craftsmanship, and it reflects in the powder-coated steel and chrome-plated steel tubes topped off with a glossy finish. Pulling the drawers out and sliding them back is extra smooth, thanks to the soft-closing mechanism—lastly, the steel-plated easy-to-grab round knob designed to fit your palm for quick retrieval.

steel blue

ruby red

pure white

pure orange

graphite black

medium gray


usm green

matte silver

light gray

golden yellow

gentrian blue


usm brown

Designer Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer
Product Family USM Haller System
Material description
  • Panels: Metal, powder-coated
  • Structure: Steel, chrome-plated
  • Ball: Brass, chrome-plated
Dimensions W/D/H: 773/373/915 mm
Product Weight (kg) 55
Shipping Available to ship in: 30 Days
Warranty One (1) year warranty.

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