Playful Study

Designed by:

Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer
AED 6,000
Color: steel blue

Make your study time fun!

This eye-pleasing study table is a combo of two different color shades, pulled off by artisans of design and taste. The superb furniture is chic, stunning, and thoughtful addition to your kids’ room. The detailing is spot on while the gorgeous sheen lends it prominence among your furniture. It’s equipped with 3 small drawers and 1 A5 drawer to nicely take care of all of your books, stationery, electronic doodads, and sundries. Pick your favorite color to match with the vibe of your room and leave everyone thrilled. Now you won’t leave your study table!

  • Equipped with 3 small drawers & 1 A5 drawer
  • A spectacular addition to any interior
  • Non-slippery top surface
  • Solid feet provide a sturdy foundation

steel blue

ruby red

pure white

pure orange

graphite black

medium gray


usm green

matte silver

light gray

golden yellow

gentrian blue


usm brown

Designer Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer
Product Family USM Haller System
Material description
  • Panels: Metal, powder-coated
  • Structure: Steel, chrome-plated
  • Ball: Brass, chrome-plated
Dimensions W/D/H: 1786/386/1540 mm
Product Weight (kg) 49
Shipping Available to ship in: 30 Days
Warranty One (1) year warranty.

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