Patricia Urquiola, 2007

SKU: F1636030

Dhs. 7,200
Color: black

Suspension lamp providing diffused lighting. Chemically photo-etched stainless steel body and borosilicate diffuser. Liquid paint protection. Die-cast aluminum base, 30% fiberglass-reinforced polyamide ceiling rose attached to a pressed and galvanized steel ceiling fixture. In this version the light emission can be adjusted by means of a mechanical movement that opens the louvers, thereby varying the shape of the luminaire. Steel suspension cable, FEP/PVC power cord of the same color as the luminaire.


Family CHASEN S2
Designer Patricia Urquiola, 2007


Weight 6.5
Dimensions  ø28.5 x 85 cm
Power 120W
Finishes black
Materials stainless steel, aluminum,glass,metal


Weight 6.5
Dimensions ø28.5 x 85 cm
Power 120W
Finishes white
Materials stainless steel, aluminum,glass,metal

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