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Haller System, Display Shelf + Bench

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Versatile and Modular! This is what defines this sleek display shelf. Being modular, it can be tailored to fit your growing needs and makes for an exciting addition to any home and office. This fantastic shelf gives you and your child everything needed for office and homework. It’s equipped with several shelves in varying sizes to fit items of various shapes and sizes. The spacious shelves can be effortlessly used and customized to fit your needs. Stack your books on the top shelves and use the bottom ones for storing toys, towels, games, and more. Plus, the shelf tops can also be adorned with some plush toys or that science project your child did recently. The furniture is built to last many years, and it reflects in the build quality. The panels are powder-coated, high-end metal, while the structure stands on a steel foundation topped with chrome-plating.