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Flos lighting

127 products
    127 products
    Flauta H1000 Spiga Flauta Spiga-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Flauta Spiga
    Dhs. 4,427
    Glo‑Ball Suspension 1 Glo-Ball Suspension-BH1Pendant Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Glo-Ball Suspension
    Dhs. 1,808
    Romeo Outdoor
    Dhs. 7,146
    Flauta Spiga 1 Flauta Spiga Outdoor-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Flauta Spiga Outdoor
    Dhs. 2,664
    Flauta Riga 1 Flauta Riga Outdoor-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Flauta Riga Outdoor
    Dhs. 3,197
    Grey Camouflage-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 3,165
    Black Mayday Outdoor-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Mayday Outdoor
    Dhs. 923
    Black Captain Flint Wall Outdoor-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Captain Flint Wall Outdoor
    Dhs. 3,920
    IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 1 IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Outdoor-BH1Outdoor Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Outdoor
    Dhs. 6,464
    White Cable/White Ring Wirering-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 3,136
    Fabric Romeo Babe Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Romeo Babe Wall
    Dhs. 996
    Default Title Ontherocks HL-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Ontherocks HL
    Dhs. 1,826
    Kelvin Led Wall support Kelvin Led-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Kelvin Led
    Dhs. 1,660
    Default Title Tight Light-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Tight Light
    Dhs. 1,144
    Aluminized Silver KTribe Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    KTribe Wall
    Dhs. 1,697
    Ariette 1 Ariette-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 1,697
    Black Wan Ceiling/Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Wan Ceiling/Wall
    Dhs. 738
    Chrome Clara-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 2,988
    Pochette Led Pochette-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 1,476
    Chrome Foglio-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 2,361
    Flauta H1000 Riga Flauta Riga-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Flauta Riga
    Dhs. 3,283
    Oplight Wall 1 Oplight-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 1,144
    Clessidra 20°+20° Clessidra-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 1,660
    Glass Mini Button-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Mini Button
    Dhs. 812
    Button HL Button-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 2,398
    Coordinates Wall 1 Coordinates Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Coordinates Wall
    Dhs. 2,693
    Glo‑Ball Ceiling/Wall Zero Glo-Ball Ceiling/Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Glo-Ball Ceiling/Wall
    Dhs. 1,070
    Default Title Glo-Ball Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Glo-Ball Wall
    Dhs. 1,291
    IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 1 IC Lights Ceiling/Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    IC Lights Ceiling/Wall
    Dhs. 1,771
    IC Lights C/W1 Double IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Double-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Double
    Dhs. 2,029
    Smithfield Ceiling Smithfield Ceiling-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Smithfield Ceiling
    Dhs. 3,136
    Coordinates Ceiling 1 Coordinates Ceiling-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Coordinates Ceiling
    Dhs. 8,115
    Grey Bellhop Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Bellhop Wall
    Dhs. 1,089
    Default Title Taraxacum 88 Ceiling & Wall-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Taraxacum 88 Ceiling & Wall
    Dhs. 5,164
    Black 265-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 4,242
    Black 265 Small-BH1Wall/Ceiling Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    265 Small
    Dhs. 3,394
    Tatou Suspension 1 Tatou Suspension-BH1Pendant Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Tatou Suspension
    Dhs. 1,255
    Black Ray Suspension-BH1Pendant Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Ray Suspension
    Dhs. 3,025
    Black Chasen-BH1Pendant Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 7,378
    Pink Wireline-BH1Pendant Lamps|Visit One52.ae!
    Dhs. 12,173

    The Italian lighting brand founded in 1962 is now a global leader in the lighting industry and offers a wide range of products and systems in the residential and architectural lighting sector. From the very outset, the distinctive feature of the company has been its approach to lamp design and production in the highest quality. Flos is completely committed to environmental issues, continually producing materials that are least harmful to the environment.

    Beginning with Artur Eisenkeil’s cocoon material, a unique technique that has remained unchanged until today, and iconic designs like the Arco and Taccia lamps designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Flos instantly gained and has kept a reputation for producing contemporary designs and forward-thinking inventions. All the products are carefully designed and developed, to provide perfectly balanced lighting for any space. Famous for solutions that are both creative and innovative, the company has a broad catalogue of iconic lighting products by celebrated designers including Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Marcel Wanders, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Gilad, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and many more.

    Some of its most iconic designs are Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù; Arco and Taraxacum by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni; Miss Sissi, Archimoon, the Glo-Ball series by Jasper Morrison; Skygarden and Zeppelin suspension lights by Marcel Wanders; the 2097 chandelier by Gino Sarfatti; Ray by Rodolfo Dordoni; Kelvin LED by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen; Nebula by Joris Laarman, etc.

    FLOS is today an international company that offers a comprehensive range of residential, commercial and even custom-made lighting products that can be seamlessly integrated into any office, hotel, store, home, etc.

    With the recent launch of the Soft Architecture collection, a ground-breaking project acknowledged by leading international awards, the company has proved how a historic brand can combine a futuristic approach with traditional values. FLOS is committed to research and innovation in lighting technology to invent the best products for its customers.

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