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Trends come and go, but classic design is constant.

How to design your perfect media unit

Meeting your specific storage and display requirements is the first demand you have of your media unit. If you’re using it as a TV stand, selecting modules with enough width and depth for your TV’s base is essential; the same goes for other media players such as vinyl decks and radios. Modules that can fulfill your media storage needs are also important: building custom modules that are the perfect size for your vinyl LPs, DVDs, CDs, or books is the ideal.

USM Haller system Media storage

Designing a piece with a variety of differently-sized modules and an assortment of customizable features such as drawers and extendable panels is a good way both to have storage that’s perfectly tailored to your collection and to add depth and style to the furniture itself. Additional features such as castor wheels if they suit the environment of the room. If you don’t want everything on display, utilize doors or drawers gives an added element of privacy.

When it comes to choosing a color for your media unit, follow your taste. You may want something bold and bright to make your unit the centerpiece of the room, or something more mellow that seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. Combining colors provides an extra opportunity for the playful design that highlights specific sections of the unit.

Design your perfect media unit with our interactive online configurator - you can select color, dimensions, and customizable features that will work perfectly in your home. 

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